Sanity Podcast Server

by kmelve


Sanity Podcast Server

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This is a simple server for the sanity podcast plugin built on node and Hapi. It's ready to be deployed on Heroku, but can run on any platform that runs node.

If you don't want to host it yourself you can use our (for now) free service by adding https:// to your CORS-setting and getting your feeds by accessing the url:<projectid>/<dataset>/<podcastslug>/rss


npm start to start the server.



You can use the button to deploy a new server on Heroku. It only needs the Sanity project Id and dataset it should draw the podcasts from.

If your choose to run this server in another enivornment you can freely do so, but remember to add the enviroments key. You can either export them to the runtime or use a local .env file.


npm run dev runs the server locally with nodemon.

npm run inspect runs the server with the inspect flag. I recommend using it with Node.js --inspector Manager for Chrome.


  • Informative frontpage
  • Simple admin-page with authentication
  • Google Analytics or other statistics-integration