by kthelgason




A clojure project to run a bot that recieves instagram notifications and forwards them to slack.

How to run?

You need:

  • POST_URL - The URL to post stuff to slack (an incoming web-hook).
  • CLIENT_ID - Your Instagram client id. Visit this page to obtain yours.

The easiest way to get going is to push the Heroku button above. This will prompt you for the environment variables and start the app running on Heroku.

If you have the jar file, just do:

POST_URL=<post url> CLIENT_ID=<client id> java -jar clj-slackbot.jar

Or can checkout the source and run:

POST_URL=<post url> CLIENT_ID=<client id> lein run

Recieving Instagram notifications

Check out the Instagram docs for information on how to do this. The callback_url that should be supplied to instagram is

Slack Configuration

Create an integration in the Slack web interface:

  • Incoming Webhook - Create a new Incoming Webhook, notedown its POST_URL.


This is heavily based on verma/clj-slackbot.


Copyright © 2015 Kári Tristan Helgason. Licensed under the same terms as Clojure (EPL).