Modmail Log Viewer

by kyb3r


Modmail Log Viewer

A simple webserver to view your selfhosted modmail logs.

Deploy to Heroku Support Donate on Patreon Made with Python 3.7 Coding Style Black AGPL License

What is this?

In order for you to view your selfhosted logs, you have to deploy this application. Before you deploy the application, create a config var named MONGO_URI and put your MongoDB connection URI from the previous section into the value slot. Take the URL of this app after you deploy it and input it as a config var LOG_URL in the Modmail bot app.


You can automatically update the logviewer in your Heroku account whenever changes are made to this repo.

To enable autoupdates, fork this repo and install the Pull app in your fork. Then go to the Deploy tab in your Heroku account, select GitHub and connect your fork. Turn on auto-deploy for the master branch.

Discord OAuth2

Protecting your logs with a login (Discord Oauth2 support) is a premium feature, only available to Patrons.


If you can make improvements in the design and presentation of logs, please make a pull request with changes.