by kyb3r


A simple and functional Modmail bot for Discord.

Support Bot instances Python 3.7 MIT License

How Does Modmail Work?

When a user sends a direct message to the bot, a channel is created within an isolated category. This channel is where messages will be relayed. To reply to the message, simply use the command ?reply in the channel. A full list of commands can be found in the wiki or by using the ?help command.


Currently, the easiest and fastest way to set up the bot is by using Heroku, which is a service that offers a free plan for hosting applications. If you choose to install the bot using Heroku, you will not need to download anything. The installation guide will guide you through the entire installation process. If you run into any problems, join our Discord server for help and support. Even if you don't have any issues, you should come and check out our awesome Discord community! 😉

Notable Features


Modmail has a range of configuration variables that you can dynamically alter with the ?config command. You can use them to change the different aspects of the bot, for example, the embed color, responses, reactions, status, etc. Snippets and custom command aliases are also supported. Snippets are shortcuts for predefined messages that you can send. Add or remove snippets with the ?snippets command. The level of customization is ever growing thanks to our exceptional contributors.

Linked Messages

Have you sent something with the ?reply command by accident? Don't fret, you can delete your original message, and the bot will automatically delete the corresponding message sent to the recipient of the thread! You can also use the ?edit command to edit a message you sent.

Thread Logs

Thread conversations are automatically logged with a generated viewable website of the complete thread. Logs are rendered with styled HTML and presented in an aesthetically pleasing way—it blends seamlessly with the mobile version of Discord. An example of a logged conversation:


This project is licenced under MIT. If you have any new ideas, create an issue or a pull request. Contributions to Modmail are always welcome, whether it be improvements to the documentation or new functionality, please feel free make the change.

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