Hydra Heroku Example

by larsar

GitHub Readme.md

Hydra with Nginx in Docker

Example code for deploying ORY Hydra to Heroku using Nginx as reverse proxy to protect the admin API. This example is based on Heroku's nginx buildpack. Docker compose is only used for local testing.

Run on localhost

Generate secrets: $ ./setup.sh (Copy the password hash into the .env file. You only need to to this once.)

Run on Heroku

Generate an admin password has for the ADMIN_API_PASSWORD_HASH variable. $ docker run -it --rm frapsoft/openssl passwd -apr1

Generate a secret that Hydra requires for the SECRETS_SYSTEM variable. $ docker run --rm kciepluc/pwgen-docker 40 1


PS: You might need to restart the Heroku process after it has deployed the first time since the migration will not have been completed before the dyno is started. If you setup your Heroku app manually, you can see which environment variables to set in the app.json file.