by Launchpeer

GitHub Readme.md

The purpose of this document is to provide instructions for how to spin up a fresh Parse database server that can then be used by a Launchpeer web or mobile app

IMPORTANT! Log in to Heroku using the hello@launchpeer.com credentials

this is important, because we will need to use the credit card on file

NOTE: after you deploy the server, please log out and use your own heroku user credentials to keep track of your activity

STEP 1: Github

Click Deploy (you'll be taken to Heroku.com).

NOTE: Installation Instructions in this repo's README only apply if you need to deploy from a organization other than Launchpeer

STEP 2: Heroku

Set app name: someproject-backend example : mylai-backend

Create new pipeline under Choose a stage to add this app to choose staging

Initial Config Variable to set up: PARSE_APP_ID - match to your app name PARSE_SERVER_ID - set your app name here before .herokuapp.com/parse example : https://mylai-backend.herokuapp.com/parse PARSE_DASHBOARD_APP_NAME example: mylai

All other config variables can be set later

Click Deploy app

Once you get feedback that your server has deployed to Heroku, you can Manage App or View

Pat yourself on the back! You have officially deployed a fresh Parse Database Server!

STEP 3: Viewing Dashboard

Your dashboard can now be found at your PARSE_SERVER_ID + /dashboard example https://mylai-backend.herokuapp.com/dashboard

You can log in with the credentials you set in your Config Vars you want to use the values for the keys PARSE_ADMIN_DASHBOARD_USERNAME and PARSE_ADMIN_DASHBOARD_PASSWORD you can always find / edit these variables by going to your Heroku app dashboard > Settings > Config Variables example : https://dashboard.heroku.com/apps/mylai-backend/settings

You will see an app matching PARSE_DASHBOARD_APP_NAME listed on this screen. Click it to enter your DB

About What you'll see in the dashboard

You are currently looking at a fresh database with two classes that Parse provides out of the box - Role and User

STEP 4: Bringing it all together


clone the Launchpeer Parse server repo

git clone https://github.com/Launchpeer/lp-parse-server-template

rename the directory:

example: mv lp-parse-server-template mylai-backend

clear the README (since it pertains to launching the server)

NOTE: use the following command with the name of your folder

cd mylai-backend && > README.md

exit with


add your changes and commit

git add . git commit -m 'new server initial commit

remove the origin

git remote rm origin

Create a new empty repo in Github

add your new origin

NOTE: Use your own repo name in the following command

git remote add origin https://github.com/Launchpeer/my-new-repo.git git push -u origin master


Go to the Heroku instance you spun up.

Under Deploy click Github as the Deployment Method and connect to the Github repo you just created