One Click Messaging

by laurenorsini


One Click Message

An annoying Yo clone by Lauren Orsini


This Web app uses Flask and the Twilio API to make sending messages to your friends a one-click experience. After that, it shows just how annoyed your friends are with you.


To use this program, you'll need the following required Python libraries and programs.

Flask ver.0.10.1 -

Jinja2 ver.2.7.3 -

MarkupSafe ver.0.23 -

Werkzeug ver.0.9.6 -

httplib2 ver.0.9 -

itsdangerous ver.0.24

six ver.1.7.3 -

twilio ver.3.6.6 -

wsgiref ver.0.1.2 -

gunicorn ver.18.0 -

Screen Shots

Just say "No" to Yo.

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