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The centralized Danger server, freeing Danger from its CI confines. 👍

Want to understand what the plan is? Consult the

I want to run Peril for my org

OK, I made a quick tutorial for running a private Peril against your org.

I want to hack on Peril!

Ace, great, cool. So, it's a bit of a process. I'm not sure if this will get easier in time. It's a complex app. You can find out more here

Code Overview

There are three files where the magic happens:

This is an reasonably tested project, there's a lot in places where the code isn't going to change much now so they're slowly getting covered.

Exposing Peril to the public

In order to support features, there is an ENV var "PUBLIC_FACING_API" that when truthy will expose an extra API route.

  • GET /api/v1/pr/dsl?owner=danger&repo=peril&number=14

    This will return the DSL JSON for a specific Pull Request. Supports JSONP.

Peril Settings

The "settings" section of the JSON file is how you can configure peril at a global level. It looks something like this:

  "settings": {
    "modules": ["danger-plugin-yarn", "danger-plugin-spellcheck"],
    "env_vars": ["MY_CUSTOM_ENV_VAR"]

The full DSL is available inside this file.

Plugins / Modules

Right now you can add Danger plugins by adding a key modules with an array of string inside the settings object of your database.

These will be added to your install via yarn add [plugins] at heroku build-time. This means that to update your modules you will need to ship a new commit to heroku. I'd recommend this gist's technique.

Env Vars

You might want to expose specific ENV VARs to your Dangerfiles, this will take the values from your process.env and put them on peril.env inside the Dangerfiles.