by lotyrin



Youtube Party app using Rails + ActionCable for Realtime messaging.



In development, Redis is not required, but PostgreSQL is (see Roadmap).

bin/rails server

Production environments must provide Redis as a backend for ActionCable.


Users visit the site, there is a chat shared among all users.

Users can start playback of Youtube Videos, which are also shared.

Demo / Staging Site

A Party staging site exists, if you just want to check it out.

Open it in two browser windows or on two different devices.


Now that we have an MVP implementation, we should prevent regressions with end-to-end browser automation tests.

User identities should be provided, that should happen securely (disallow impersonating other users). Devise+OmniAuth can provide user modeling and authentication and ActionCable can use state in Rails to identify users.

Rich chat. Inlining of Images/Links pasted into chat is a pretty fundamental UX expectation anymore.

Channel seperation. We should model channels with owner and invitee relationships to users.

Persistent Queues. ActionCable is stateless so to model the state of the currently playing video, and to allow multiple videos to be queued for playback, we'll need to model videos and how they relate to users / channels.