Multi Channel Support Desk

by makaimc


Multi Channel Call Center with Twilio TaskRouter

A call center that supports both inbound voice calls and SMS messages through Twilio's TaskRouter API.

Deploy to Heroku

Press the big ol' purple button below. Input your credentials into the Heroku set up page and click deploy.


Environment variables

Ensure you've set the following environment variables locally or via the Heroku deploy button:

  • TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID: Account SID found on Twilio dashboard under API credentials

  • TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN: Secret authentication token also found on Twilio dashboard under API credentials

  • WORKSPACE_SID: Found on the TaskRouter workspaces dashboard after creating a workspace

  • WORKFLOW_SID: Found on the TaskRouter workflow page for a given workspace

  • SUPPORT_DESK_NUMBER: Twilio phone number used for the support desk, in the +12025551234 format