Malefis' GroupMe Gifbot

by Malefis


#Malefis' Groupme Giphy-Bot


Gifbot is a welcome addition to any Groupme chat.

He just sits there quietly without making a peep until you need him.

Simply begin your message with "/addgif" and then type in whatever you're thinking, the bot will do the rest.


  • GroupMe account
  • Heroku account
  • Giphy Private key account is optional

Heroku Setup:

  • Go to Heroku and sign in
  • Press this button ---> Deploy
  • Give your bot a name and select your local runtime then press 'Deploy for free'

##To create your GroupMe bot:


  • Get your BOT ID from Bot ID
  • Go to your Heroku app page ---> settings ---> Config Vars ---> Reveal Config Vars. enter image description here
  • Press 'Add' and then try it out in GroupMe!