by marcalv



OpenLocationShare is an open source and self-hosted location sharing service for Android devices. An Automate script is used to send location data to the backend (Django Heroku app).

alt text


Server setup

The only requirement is one free Heroku account.

  1. Click on the following button to start server configuration. Deploy
  2. Set App name, admin password, and allowed hosts config vars. Read the provided instructions above every config var. Then click on deploy.
  3. After deployment is completed, click on View App. You will be redirected to /admin, log in with Username 'admin' and previously configured admin password.
  4. Under API, Users section, click on add.
  5. Set an userid and a name to be displayed when location is shared. Leave everything else with default values and click on save.

Client setup

  1. Download and install Automate app.
  2. Dowload and import this Automate flow.
  3. Edit the imported flow by changing the value of the second and third blocks (variable set blocks) with your heroku hostname and the userid previously configured.
  4. Add a shortcut to your homescreen by clicking the first block "Flow beginning" and click "Install home screen shortcut".