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by marco2207

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Electron Motors and Identity example

This is the electron motors nodeJS app running on Heroku and using Salesforce Identity for external customers. Users have to log in (or register itself) to get access to the car customization.


You'll need an org that has a Community setup and active. Ideally you should have following the Salesforce External Identity Implementation Guide to set up this org or you have completed the Identity for Customers Trailhead module.

Steps to deploy

  1. Deploy this app to Heroku Deploy
  2. Create a CORS entry for your community's domain. More details here
  3. Create a Connected App
    • Enable OAuth
    • Select openid scope
    • Set Callback to https://HEROKUAPP_URL/_callback e.g. https://strong-castle-20163.herokuapp.com/_callback
    • Save
    • Copy the Consumer Key
    • You will also want to Manage the Connected App and change the Permitted Users policy from User to Admin Approved. Then you will want to a Profile or Permission Set for the user you want to test.
  4. Set the Heroku config vars via Setting > Reveal Config Vars:
    • "SALESFORCE_COMMUNITY_URL" to the Community's domain, no trailing slash and no "https://", For example: mycommunity.force.com/community2
    • "SALESFORCE_CLIENT_ID" to your Connected App's Consumer key
    • "SALESFORCE_HEROKUAPP_URL" to the URL of deployed Heroku App, no trailing slash and no "https://", for example bouncy-castle-1234.herokuapp.com
  5. Optionally you can change the following Heroku config vars as well
    • "SALESFORCE_MODE" to either "modal" or "inline" to control how the login box is rendered
    • "SALESFORCE_FORGOT_PASSWORD_ENABLED" to either "true" or "false" depending if you want to display the forgot password link
    • "SALESFORCE_SELF_REGISTER_ENABLED" to either "true" or "false" depending if you want to display the user registration link
  6. Open the app and enjoy!