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Alita is a Telegram Group managment bot made using Pyrogram async version and Python, which makes it modern and faster than most of the exisitng Telegram Chat Managers.

Alita's features over other bots:

  • Modern
  • Fast
  • Fully asynchronous
  • Fully open-source
  • Frequently updated
  • Multi Language Support

Can be found on Telegram as @Alita_Robot
This runs the stable version, aka production branch.

Beta Version: @AlitaBetaBot
This runs on beta version, which is from main branch.

Alita is currently available in 1 Language as of now:

  • US English

More languages can be managed in the locales folder.

We are still working on adding new languages.

Help us bring more languages to the bot by contributing to the project on Crowdin


  • You need to have a Mongo Database (Cluster Preferred)
  • Linux machine (Ubuntu/Denain-based OS Preferred)

How to setup

First Step!

  • Star the repository!!

It really motivates me to continue this project further.

Deploy to Heroku

  • Get your API_ID and API_HASH from here
  • Get your Bot Token from @BotFather and click the below button!



  • Install Python v3.7 or later from Python's Website
  • Install virtualenv using python3 -m pip -U install virtualenv.
  • Fork or Clone the project using git clone
  • Install the requirements using python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Fill in all the variables in Development class, not Config class. Sudo, Dev, Whitelist users are optional!!
  • Run the bot using python3 -m alita


  • Clone the repo and enter into it
  • Install Docker
  • Fill in the sample.env file and rename it to main.env.
  • Build the docker image using: docker build -t alita_robot:latest . (The dot '.' at last is necessary!)
  • Run the command docker run --env-file main.env alita_robot

If all works well, bot should send message to the MESSAGE_DUMP Group!

Contributing to the project

  • Make sure your PR works and doesn't break anything.
  • You must join the support group.
  • Make sure it passes test using make test.

Special Thanks to

  • AmanoTeam for EduuRobot as that helped me make the translation engine.
  • Dan for his Pyrogram library
  • Paul Larsen for his Original Marie Source Code.
  • Everyone else who inspired me to make this project, more names can be seen on commits!

Copyright & License