Secret Harbor

by matteotiziano



Heroku app using Tesseract OCR written in Python and based on the Flask web microframework. Only English and Finnish language are supported.

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In addition to the default heroku-buildpack-python, this app also requires the custom heroku-buildpack-tesseract.

Heroku natively supports multiple buildpacks per app.

Before deploying the app, you should setup the base buildpack and add the custom buildpack to the app configuration:

heroku buildpacks:set heroku/python
heroku buildpacks:add

How to use

Let us assume you have deployed this app in Heroku and you called it your-heroku-app.

The app provides a test client and a REST method the client provides the input file (image or PDF), whereas the REST method returns a JSON object containing the OCR of the input.

This app is available at


MIT Licence. Copyright (c) 2015 Matteo Maggioni