by mattermost


Deploy Mattermost Team or Enterprise Edition to Heroku


Updated version of Mattermost to deploy in HEROKU.

Many thanks to tommyvn for creating the Mattermost-Heroku integration on which this is based.

Deployment to dokku

Dokku is a docker-based alternative to heroku.

Create an application manually and set some defaults:

app="my-app" # set to your apps' name

dokku apps:create $app
# check app.json for a sane default
dokku config:set $app MATTERMOST_DOWNLOAD_URI=
# set the variable to disable dropping privileges, see
dokku config:set $app HEROKUISH_SETUIDGUID=false

Create and link a database:

app="my-app" # set to your apps' name

dokku postgres:create $app
dokku postgres:link $app $app

Push this repository to your dokku app:

app="my-app" # set to your apps' name

git remote add dokku "dokku@my-dokku-instance:$app"
git push dokku master

That's it - dokku will output the URL to your Mattermost instance in the log output :)

On first request, you will be asked to set-up the instance.


Check app.json and config/config-heroku-template.json for available configuration.

You can apply a specific setting by using dokku config:set $app MY_SETTING=FOO.