Moltin + React example

by matthew1809


React Moltin Ecommerce is an app demonstrating the usage of Moltin Javascript API and React

Deploy to heroku - you will need a Heroku account


How to run the app

  1. Make sure you have Create React App installed on your system
  2. Clone the repository
  3. cd react-moltin-ecommerce
  4. npm install
  5. Copy the public ID from your Moltin account and use it in src/vendor/config.js
  6. npm start

How to compile the SCSS

  1. cd src/styles
  2. sass --watch scss:css

The current setup will minify all of the assets including JS and CSS files.

How to build the project for production

  1. npm run build
  2. Deploy the /build directory


  • Remove the unused CSS framework modules
  • Organize the SCSS modules better
  • Work on smaller screen optimization
  • Use arrow functions where possible
  • Improve the error handling
  • Adopt the Presentational and Container Components pattern
  • Display the correct <title> when browsing pages