by maxdemarzi



An attempt to use Neography and processing.js to navigate a Neo4j graph via its REST API.

How To

Follow the steps on Getting started with Ruby and Neo4j to get Neo4j installed, started, and populate it with some nodes and relationships.

git clone
cd neovigator
rake neo4j:install
rake neo4j:start

Then visit localhost:9292 to see it running. The first time you visit the page, it will create a sample graph.

Enter a node id in the text box and click “Load”

See an example running on heroku at

Deploy to Heroku using Heroku button

This button will walk you through the deployment just with a few clicks. It will add the free plan of the GrapheneDB Neo4j add-on.


Deploy to Heroku manually

  1. Check out a copy of the repo

  2. Create a new Heroku app: `$ heroku create`

  3. Add the GrapheneDB Neo4j add-on: `$ heroku addons:add graphenedb`

  4. Deploy the code: `$ git push heroku`


This project is based on Ask Ken created by Michael Aufreiter.