Paperplane userbot project

by mbazed


Paperplane userbot project


#include <std/disclaimer.h>
    Your Telegram account may get banned.
    I am not responsible for any improper use of this bot
    This bot is intended for the purpose of having fun with memes,
    as well as efficiently managing groups.
    You ended up spamming groups, getting reported left and right,
    and you ended up in a Finale Battle with Telegram and at the end
    Telegram Team deleted your account?
    And after that, then you pointed your fingers at us
    for getting your acoount deleted?
    I will be rolling on the floor laughing at you.

What is it?

Paperplane is a modular Telegram userbot running on Python3, which can be coupled up with Mongo DB and a Redis backend.

Originally created by baalajimaestro, Paperplane is currently maintained by zakaryan2004. It started as a simple bot, which helped with group management, with lots of features from SkittBot. It has since evolved, becoming extremely modular and simple to use.

How do I use it?

For configuring Paperplane, you can checkout our Wiki. Please, before asking us in our groups, make sure you have followed the Wiki and all the steps required.

Deploy Paperplane to Heroku:

Deploy to Heroku

Groups and support

If you'd just like to know about new features, or announcements, you can join our news channel.

For discussion, bug reporting, and help, you can join our discussion group.

If you find a bug, don't be afraid to report it in our Telegram group or open an issue on this repository. As for unofficial forks of Paperplane, we will only assist with issues affecting our central repository, found on this repo.


and many more people who aren't mentioned here, but may be found in Contributors page.