by mcashdev


[ [ [Instapy] Docker] Heroku]

Run Instapy on Heroku in a Docker Container


Run your InstaPy in the Heroku cloud.

How To

  1. Install Heroku CLI on your system and do
$ heroku login
  1. Log in to Heroku container service
$ heroku container:login
  1. Create the .env file (make sure Instagram credentials and proxy server parameters are set) - use env_sample as an example

  2. Create a new Heroku app for your bot:

$ ./ <your-app-name>
  1. Build the container
  docker-compose build


  1. Push the code to Heroku and release it into your app:
$ heroku container:push instapy && heroku container:release instapy 
  1. Start the app:
$ heroku ps:scale instapy=1
  1. Observe your Instagram grow!
$ heroku logs --tail