Facebook webhooks test server

by mduppes

GitHub Readme.md


Simple test server to receive and show webhooks received from Facebook.

1/ Deploy to heroku


Configure APP_SECRET, VERIFY_TOKEN under config variable settings for your project from the Heroku developer dashboard:

  • APP_SECRET is obtained from the Facebook developer dashboard for your app. This is needed to verify that an update came from a Facebook server.
  • VERIFY_TOKEN is your "password" for setting up a webhooks subscription.

2/ Setup your webhooks subscription from the webhooks dashboard on facebook for your app.

  • The URL should be your app URL and /webhooks, e.g. https://{heroku-url}/webhooks
  • The verify token should be what you configured in the previous step.

3/ While it is running, it will list received webhooks updates in chronological order at https://{heroku-url}, and you can also look at heroku logs for any errors.