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LINE Login Starter Application

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This is a starter application to help you get started on integrating the LINE Web Login feature into your website. Web Login lets users log in to your website using their LINE account.

Getting started with LINE Login in Java with Heroku

Here we'll go through how you can implement Web Login on a web server using Spring Boot and Heroku.


  • JDK 1.8 or higher
  • Maven 3.0 or higher
  • Git
  • A free Heroku account

Creating a Channel

To use LINE Login, you must create a Channel for your website. For information on how to create a Channel, go to Creating a Channel on the LINE Developers site.

Deploying the LINE Login starter application


With the "Deploy to Heroku" button, you can easily deploy the LINE Login starter application to Heroku from your web browser by following the steps below.

Heroku configuration

  1. Click the Deploy to Heroku button to go to the Heroku Dashboard to configure and deploy the app.
  2. Enter a Heroku app name (optional).
  3. Enter the following Heroku config variables.
    • Channel ID: Found on the "Basic information" page in the Channel Console
    • Channel secret: Found on the "Basic information" page in the Channel Console
    • Callback URL: https:// + "Heroku app name" +
  4. Click the Deploy button. Heroku then deploys this repository to a new Heroku app on your account.

Channel Console

  • Fill in the Callback URL field in the "Technical configuration" page on the Channel Console. For more details, see Technical configuration.

LINE Login screen

  • Open the LINE Login screen (https:// + "heroku App Name" + in your browser and log in using your LINE account.

Viewing logs

Heroku CLI

$ heroku login

View logs

$ heroku git:clone -a yourapp
$ heroku logs --tail