francis selfbot

by meme295i


Discord Selfbot FOR FRANCIS

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IMPORTANT: If you are running into this issue with starting the bot, please uninstall Python version 3.5.2 and install 3.5.3 or higher. Make sure you check "add to PATH" on install.

Install guide + list of all commands.

Takes less than 2 minutes to set up. Has various commands and utilities including a keyword logger/notifier, adding custom commands/reactions, and much more.


  • Google web and image search.
  • Keyword/user logger and notifier. Get notified when keywords you specified are said in any of your server or follow users and get notified when they send a message (with a cooldown). Useful to track someone or see if someone mentioned your name or your favorite show/book/whatever else keywords and you want to stalk— I mean, talk to them about it.
  • Set your game/stream to anything or set up multiple and cycle through them.
  • Cycle through avatars automatically.
  • Save image/gif/webm dumps (urls or attachments) in channels quickly to your computer (checks for duplicates as well).
  • Detailed image/gif source finder using sauce.nao
  • Add custom commands/reactions. The commands get saved to commands.json which has some sample commands added to start with. Can be used as macros for other commands as well.
  • Custom embeds.
  • Todo list with notifications and a timer (repeatable) as well as ability to send a message to a channel when the timer goes off.
  • Smart MyAnimeList search of anime and manga/LNs using google custom search (and if that fails, using myanimelist's api for search)
  • Save/output the last n number of messages from a chat, including any messages that were deleted.
  • Get detailed information about a server and all of its members.
  • Purge the last n messages you sent in a channel.
  • Simple calculator.
  • Quick commands so you can post pointless stuff as fast as possible like lenny, shrug, flip, unflip, and comeatmebro
  • Meme commands like spacing text, converting text to regional indicator emojis, mass reacting to messages, and converting text to ascii art.
  • Python interpreter. Modeled off of RoboDanny's ?debug command. Does both exec() and eval(). Ability to save and load scripts.
  • Various other misc commands like spoiler tagging text (encrypts the text), creating strawpolls, embeding text, server/user info commands, and more.


  • Thanks to architdate, LyricLy, and chenzw95 for actively participating in development, addition of new features, and other optimizations.
  • Thanks to Hubcapp for the much improved >react command.
  • Thanks to adjnouobsref for the spoiler tags and various other contributions.
  • Used the code for lockdown commands from Kurisu bot. Slight modifications is message sending and contents of messages.
  • Used a lot of Danny's code for certain parts, especially parsing Google cards and the debugger.
  • Used eye-sigil's code for the >repl command.
  • Thanks to IgneelDxD for a lot of suggestions and fixes.
  • Thanks to Bluscream for a lot of helpful pull requests and custom cogs.

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This bot is open source and always will be, even if I don't get donations. That said, I know there are people out there that may still want to donate just to show their appreciation so this is for you guys. Thanks in advance!