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Full featured completely customizable software for Microfinanace Institutes This is MicroPyramid opensource initiative for microfinanace management. This is full featured software to manage microfinanace Institute(s).

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head to http://micro-finance.readthedocs.org/ for latest documentation

How to deploy?

  • clone this repository
  • setup virtualenv and install requirements from requirements.txt
  • do necessary changes to settings.py
  • configure nginx with uwsgi for production on server or you can run inside virtualenv for development purposes.

You can try it by hosting on your own or deploy to Heroku with a button click.

Deploy To Heroku:

You can view the sample here https://test-microfinance-app.herokuapp.com/

Credentials to MicroFinance Dashboard:

  • Username: Admin001
  • Password: admin001

Visit our Django Web Development page Here