ESP8266 Thermostat Alexa Skill

by miki105


ESP8266 Alexa Skills Thermostat

Alexa skill to control HomeVision Thermostat via ESP8266 without opening a router's port/firewall.

You must have a HomeVision Controller running HomeVisionXL software with the NetIO plug-in and an RCS TX-15B thermostat for this to work.

This project is based on the work of Nassir Malik. See his Youtube tutorials at and code at

TCP code used to talk to the HomeVision system is a modified version from Big Dan the Blogging Man at

In This project you will be able to control a HomeVision Thermostat via ESP8266 with Alexa skills without opening a firewall port or setting up a reverse proxy.

  1. Download this project and unzip.

  2. Deploy this project to Heroku by clicking this button Deploy

  3. Copy following folders to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries"



  4. Update and flash your ESP8266 with "ESP8266/ESP8266_WebSocketClient/ESP8266_WebSocketClient.ino"

  5. Create an Alexa skills using the info in alexa utterences.txt and add Heroku app URL as an end-point

  6. Test and enjoy.

See also this Project's Wiki page for more details.