by Milkenm


Translated to English & Updated by Ren232.


- You can access the file manager of the server.
- Console
- Admin panel with account registration
- Trial users & Premium users
- Server Map (Dynmap required)
- Player list
- Version Selector
- User deletion
- Easy to install
- And more!


- A [Heroku Account](
- A [Dropbox Account]( + [API Key]( (Click on create app, Select Dropbox API, Select App folder, Name the app & create it, Click on the app, Goto Generated access token, Click on Generate and Copy the key.)
- A [Ngrok Account](


  1. Click on the button below, Give the app a name (This is also going to be your panel's subdomain), Paste your Dropbox API key, and click on deploy.

  2. Now goto https://<APP_NAME> to create an account and server (Please notice that the total server RAM for a free dyno is limited to 512 MB.)

  3. Paste your ngrok key on the Dashboard page.

  4. Goto, enter your app link (https://<APP_NAME> and click on submit.

  5. Done!