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An open source of telegram Auto Caption bot

About Bot

This is a light weight and fastest Auto caption bot which can add caption prescribed by the admin of bot

( Works only in private or public Channel )


 /start - A command to start the bot
 /help  - A command to help you how to use the bot
 /about - A command to know about the bot
 /set_caption - A command to set your caption text


Admin Only

Bot Status - To know the current caption text and position of caption you provided.


About Heroku Config Vars

CAPTION_POSITION - Position of your caption

(Top or bottom or nil) 

(nil - will overwrite the caption)

You can deploy the bot using heroku

  • 🥰 Fork it and deploy

  • 👇 Press the deploy button.


Please note

I created this bot because it might be helpful for Channel Admins/Owners, so they have no need to edit all files

I am not a progrommer though it is written in my own hands If you have any suggestions to update the bot for better user friendly expirience you can contact me Through @mino2401200231 or you can contact me directly.

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❤️ Thanks to everyone in this journey