Discord Echobot

by MitchTalmadge

GitHub Readme.md

Discord Echobot


The purpose of this bot is to allow you to copy messages from one Discord channel to another Discord channel, even if you don't have permission to add a bot account to the guild you are copying from.

This is done by turning your own Discord account into a bot -- copied messages are sent by you, not a bot.

NOTE: Using this (or any) self-bot is against Discord's Terms of Service — use at your own risk!


To setup and run this bot, you must first install Node.js.


  1. Download the latest release source code.
  2. Extract the source code to a folder of your choosing.
  3. Configure the bot by either:
    • Creating a file called config.json in the extracted directory and filling it out. You can see config.example.json for an example.
    • OR (You can do both but the config file will always take precedence).
    • Pasting the entire config JSON (what would normally be in your file) into the environment variable ECHOBOT_CONFIG_JSON.
  4. Open a command prompt or terminal in the extracted directory, and run npm install.


  • title: Displayed at the top of each message. Optional.

    • "title": "New Copied Message"
  • richEmbed: Whether or not to use rich embedding. Looks nicer, but has no support for displaying link metadata automatically (images, page details, etc). Users must click links instead.

    • "richEmbed": true
  • richEmbedColor: The color for the border of the rich embed if richEmbed is true. To choose the color, get the hex value (like #0078ff) and then go to google and type "0x0078ff to decimal" -> the number you get is what you want.

    • "richEmbedColor": 30975
  • includeSource: Whether to include a line at the top showing the nickname, guild, and channel of the author who sent the message.

    • "includeSource": true
  • removeEveryone: Whether to remove all instances of @everyone in the messages. This prevents accidental mentioning.

    • "removeEveryone": true
  • removeHere: Same as removeEveryone except for @here.

    • "removeHere": true
  • copyRichEmbed: Sometimes a source message may include a rich embed of its own, with or without a normal, non-embed message. To copy to the rich embed message, this option must be true. The rich embed message will take precedence over the non-embed message. If that made no sense, juse keep this true.

    • "copyRichEmbed": true

Finding your Token

This Discord bot is called a "self-bot," meaning it runs as your personal Discord account rather than a separate bot account.

In order for this to work, you need to provide your Discord token in the config.json file. To find this token, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Discord client on your computer.
  2. Push Ctrl + Shift + I to open the dev tools (may be different on non-windows operating systems).
  3. Go to the Network tab.
  4. Go to any channel in any guild.
  5. Click through the network requests that appear and search for the header authorization.
    • You can usually ignore image requests.
  6. Copy the value of the authorization header.
    • It will look something like mfa.aasdkf--SDsdkfjhsdf_ewrh-msufeusefsbeouhue_W-34FsedFwEsr_SDFsufserF4_slhSDF432f

The token will now be on your clipboard and can be pasted into the config. Make sure there is only one set of quotation marks.

Finding Channel IDs

Redirect sources and destinations use Channel IDs, which look like large numbers. To find these, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Discord client.
  2. Go to User Settings.
  3. Go to Appearance.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and enable Developer Mode.
  5. Close User Settings.
  6. Right click on any channel (only text channels are supported, not voice) and select Copy ID.

The ID will now be on your clipboard and can be pasted into the config.


Open a command prompt or terminal in the extracted directory, and run npm start.


This bot is compatible with heroku. You can use the button at the top to deploy it.

Use the ECHOBOT_CONFIG_JSON environment variable to create your config. Simply put everything that would normally be in the config.json file into this variable. Formatting does not matter.