LegoCity Bot for Messenger

by mjacquet


Salesforce Bot for Lego City

Follow the instructions below to create your own instance of the bot:

Step 1: Get an Ingenico Developer account OR Contact me if you are from Salesforce...

Step 2: Train Einstein Language and Bot

Look at the doc at You need a model for image classification and a model for Language intent.

Step 3: Deploy the Messenger Bot on Heroku

  1. Make sure you are logged in to the Heroku Dashboard

  2. Click the button below to deploy the Messenger bot on Heroku:


  3. Fill in the config variables as described.

    • Leave FB_PAGE_TOKEN blank for now
    • For FB_VERIFY_TOKEN, enter a passphrase of your choice. You'll have to enter the same passphrase when you create the webhook in Facebook.
    • Fill Ingenico vars with what you got from step 1
    • Fill Einstein vars with what you got from step 2
  4. Run the command

    heroku labs:enable runtime-dyno-metadata -a <app name>

Step 4 : Create a Facebook App

  1. Follow these instructions to create a Facebook app. You'll have to create a Facebook page, a Facebook application, and configure Messenger for your application.

    • When asked for a Callback URL, enter the URL of the Heroku app you just deployed followed by /webhook. For example:
    • When the Page Access Token is generated, login to the Heroku Dashboard, and set the Heroku FB_PAGE_TOKEN config variable to the value of that token (Setting>Reveal Config Vars)
    • When asked for the Verify Token, enter the value you entered for the FB_VERIFY_TOKEN config variable when you deployed the Heroku app.
    • Make sure you select a page in the Select a page to subscribe your webhook... dropdown
  2. Visit the Facebook page you created in the previous step, and click the Message button. Type help in the chat bot. You can continue the conversation with the bot in the Messenger app on your phone or in the browser (