Mobius Chat Tipbot

by mobius-network


Mobius Chat Tipbot


Usage @tipbot tip @user <amount>

@tipbot tip @user               # send @user default number of credits
@tipbot tip @user 1000          # send @user 1000 credits

Other commands:
@tipbot balance                 # shows your balance, 'bal' and 'b' also works
@tipbot leaderboard             # see who has what, 'rank' also works
@tipbot donate                  # show the your address for donations
@tipbot send <amount> <address> # send credits to a token address, 'withdraw' also works

In direct message chat, you can issue these commands without prefixing '@tipbot ...'.


1. Create the Slack bot

Create and add bot in slack for your team.

2. Create a Mobius account

You can create Mobius account on this page, than get your MOBIUS_API_KEY at our developer portal.

3. Register a token in Mobius

You can register a token by Mobius API via curl or mobius-node package. Read API documentation for more information.

3. Deploy the app

Just press this button for deploying app into Heroku

Then fill in the config variables:


and click "Deploy for Free" button.

4. Initialize the bot database

Last step, before starting using the bot your should initialize database and create addresses for all team users. Just send command init (or reinit) to bot and wait to response.

You can also use this command after new team member have been added to chat (all old users addresses will not be affected).

5. Test it out!

Try sending a direct messages to @tipbot in private chat, or /invite @tipbot to any channel or group. Use @tipbot help for a list of commands.