Twitter Export Tool

by MohitKumar1991




Search through your followers and send them mass DMs. Uses Twitter APIs (which severly rate limit this)


  • Export all your followers (works on million+ followers - takes a couple of hours)
  • Filter followers using multiple parameters
  • Send DMs to a selected group of followers
  • Create subscription links where people can submit emails
  • Manage that email list as well as create affiliate links to reward people who help you get more emails

HEROKU INSTRUCTIONS (After clicking on the Deploy to Heroku Button)

  • Set the password and username using HTTP_USERNAME and HTTP_PASSWORD. Default are noob and nommr respectively.
  • Go to App Overview in the (Heroku Dashboard)[]
  • Turn on the Worker in the heroku section (see images below)
  • Go to the app url and follow authentication instructions
  • After Auth - wait for some time as it downloads your followers
  • Some queries might be slow on heroku free tier

Heroku Dyno Configure

Heroku Worker On


poetry install
make start_worker
make start_server

To stop worker locally

make stop_worker

This will

  1. Start a background process which will download all your followers locally
  2. Run a web app which will serve a UI to explore them as well as filter them.
  3. You can then create Mass DM campaigns

A few things:-

  1. The query section in the search page takes a SQlite3 Query and performs it over all the followers
  2. The Message in the campaign is parsed as a Jinja2 template with follower details injected in follower variable. So to write the name of the follower put {{}}

DISCLAIMER - WIP - Plz post feature requests etc

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