by mohiva


This template is not maintained anymore. If you search for a way to combine a single page application with Play and Silhouette, then please have a look at the Silhouette Play React Seed Template.

Play Silhouette Angular Seed Project

The Play Silhouette Angular Seed project shows how Silhouette can be used to create a SPA with AngularJS/Satellizer and Play scaffolded by yeoman. It's a starting point which can be extended to fit your needs.


Deploy to Heroku

(The "Build App" phase will take a few minutes)

Or you can find a running example of this template under the following URL:


  • Sign Up
  • Sign In (Credentials)
  • JWT authentication
  • Social Auth (Facebook, Google+, VK, Twitter, Xing)
  • Dependency Injection with Guice
  • Publishing Events
  • Avatar service
  • Remember me functionality
  • Security headers
  • CSRF Protection


Consulate the Silhouette documentation for more information. If you need help with the integration of Silhouette into your project, don't hesitate and ask questions in our mailing list or on Stack Overflow.

Getting started

  1. Make sure u have Ruby and node.js installed.

Then you must install the node packages yo, grunt and bower:

npm install -g yo grunt grunt-cli bower

And the ruby packages sass and compass:

gem install sass compass

Alternative you can use Bundler to install the ruby packages:

bundle install -j4 --path .bundle
  1. Configure social providers

To configure the social providers for Satellizer, Open the file "~\ui\app\scripts\app.js" and input your providers clientId:

// Facebook
  clientId: 'your-client-id',

// Google
  clientId: 'your-client-id',

If you are using Heroku Update the "~\app.json" file with your client secret and client ID.

"env": {
  "PLAY_CONF_FILE": "application.conf",
  "PLAY_APP_SECRET": "changeme",

To test social providers on localhost, you can either set your system environment variables as defined in the app.json "env" section or manually update the "~\conf\silhouette.conf" file directly with your client ID and client secret.

# Google provider
google.scope="profile email"
  1. Start sbt and run the following:
$ update

$ npm install

$ bower install

$ grunt build

$ run




The code is licensed under Apache License v2.0.