Discord Downtime Notifier

by moonstar-x

GitHub Readme.md

Discord Downtime Notifier Bot

This is a small bot that notifies a server through a message when another bot goes offline. The main use is to let users know when a bot goes offline and becomes unusable. It also lets users know once said bot goes back online. This is useful mostly for server owners with self-hosted bots and need a way of getting notified when they bots go offline. For better results, this bot should be hosted on a service like Heroku.


You can self-host this bot or deploy it on a service like Heroku for example. If you do decide to self-host, you'll need to install the following:



In order to self-host this bot, you'll need to clone this repository.

git clone https://github.com/moonstar-x/discord-downtime-notifier.git

Then, rename the file settings.json.example to settings.json and edit the values according to your server (server ID, channel ID, bot ID and bot token).

  "discord_token": "YOUR_DISCORD_TOKEN",
  "prefix": "YOUR_PREFIX_HERE",
  "mongodb_uri": "YOUR_MONGO_DB_URI_HERE"

Install the dependencies:

npm install

You can now run your bot:

npm start

Deploying to Heroku

To deploy to Heroku, you can click on the image below and login to your account.


You can now go back to your app's Overview, make sure you disable the web dyno and enable the bot dyno. Your bot should now be up and running. Remember you can always check your bot's console if you access the View Logs in the More dropdown menu.


For a more detailed usage message, run the following command in your server: d!help.

Replace d! with the prefix that you've set-up (if you're hosting this yourself).

Set-up a broadcasting channel

Before you can add bots to the list, you need to set-up which channel should the bot send messages to. Run the following command d!channel and mention the channel you want to select.

Add a bot to the list

To add a bot to the list, simply run the command d!add and mention the bot you want to add.

Only server Administrators can run this command.

Remove a bot from the list

To remove a bot from the list, simply run the command d!remove and mention the bot you want to remove.

Only server Administrators can run this command.

List all the bots in the list

To get a list of all the bots that are being monitored, run the command d!help

Add this bot to your server

You can add this bot to your server by clicking in the image below: Add this bot to your server


This bot was made by moonstar-x.