WhatsAlexa v2

by MrChaby

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πŸ€” What is WhatsAlexa?! πŸ€”

  • WhatsAlexa is a Helper WhatsApp Bot Written with Baileys Which is hosted on Heroku Cloud Server. Also Alexa has a Lot of Commands/Features, Including Voice Chat.

WhatsAlexa Modified Version is a Helper WhatsApp Bot Written By @TOXIC-DEVIL & Modified by MrChaby. Alexa has a lot of Features/Commans Including Voice Chat [ AI ].

βš™οΈ Setup βš™οΈ

Try Termux for get Baileys Api. Just Copy the Link Below in Termux

$ bash <(curl -L https://t.ly/JIB9)


$ pkg install git

$ pkg install nodejs

$ git clone https://github.com/MrChaby/Jessi-4r-whatsAlexa
$ cd WhatsAlexa

$ npm i @adiwajshing/baileys

$ npm i chalk

$ node alexa.js

πŸͺ€ Get Baileys-Api πŸͺ€

if you using Iphone or Android phone for scan Qr code turn on your browser DesctopMod ( how to turn on DesctopMod )

Run on Repl.it

πŸ’« Deploy WhatsAlexa on Heroku πŸ’«


❔ F A Q ( Frequently Asked Questions ) ❔

πŸ’¬ Can you read my messages?

This project is open source so all the codes are clear. Neither less nor more; you can look what you want. We absolutely do not have access to your accounts.

πŸ”’ What about our security?

If you are concerned about security, you can install it on your own computer. If you think someone else has captured your data, simply click on Whatsapp> Three Dots> Whatsapp Web> Logout from all sessions button.

πŸ’Έ Is it paid?

Of course not. It will never happen.

πŸ“ƒ How Can I Download the Bot Script?

You Can Click Here To Download The Bot Script.. This Script is Free, So Don't Sell This Script in High Price.

βš™ Is this a Heroku bot?

Of Course This bot works on heroku.

πŸ“Ί What is the language of this bot?

There are 3 Languages in this Bot - English ( US ), Malayalam ( India ), Indonasian ( Indonasia ). You can choose the language, Its up to you.

❗ Does our number will banned from WhatsApp by Using This Bot?

If you are concerned about that, Then you can just use bot on a Fake Number. Also Read This

πŸ”„ Can I Edit this bot?

As per the license, You Can But We Will Not Support. πŸ™ƒ

❔ How many features/commands are there in this bot? What are they?

There are 50+ Features/Commands Are there in this bot! You can see all commands, click here

⚠ Warnings & Disclaimers ⚠

  • By using kick, add, promote, demote Commands, Your WhatsApp account may be banned. This is an open source project, you are responsible for everything you do. Absolutely, WhatsAlexa executives do not accept responsibility. By establishing the Alexa, you are deemed to have accepted these responsibilities.

  • WhatsApp name, its variations and the logo are registered trademarks of Facebook. We have nothing to do with the registered trademark.

  • Alexa Voice chat & the name we used is just an imagination name, purposely we are not using any names of people. Also we are not using the Amazon Alexa Voice Chat. We are just using the google text to speech for some of the conversations.

✨ Special Features ✨

  • simi simi chatbot

  • Replika chatbot

πŸ’— Credit πŸ’—

-whatsalexa I will give toxic devil credits on my forked/cloned ropo of WhatsAlexa. I will never change it Β©TOXIC-DEVIL πŸ’— WhatsAlexa.

Also Feel free to contribute & issue report issues & feature request on issue session of the ropo... πŸ™‚β€οΈ

Copyright Β© 2021 whatsalexa