Reddit Karma Farming Bot

by MrPowerScripts



This bot is probably the reason you saw that post again on Reddit. Need help with the bot? Join us on Discord

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Karma Farming Bot 2.0 Video
Karma Farming on Reddit Video
Karma Farming Bot 1.0 Video



  • Automatically reposts popular posts from the past to earn post karma
  • Automatically generates unique (somewhat) contexually relevant comments using cobe
  • Automatically deletes poor performing comments
  • Configurable frequency of posting, commenting, and other actions
  • Filter the bot from learning certain words
  • Schedule when the bot wakes up and sleeps to run actions.
  • Auto detects if the account is shadowbanned
  • Limit the subbreddits that the bot learns from and posts to
  • Run on WSL (windows 10), Linux, MacOS, and Docker


Most of these options can be configured in


First you need to create a reddit account, and then create an app on After creating a reddit account follow step 1 of this guide to get your app details such as client ID and secret

NEW! Run it on heroku


Important Note: If you restart the Heroku Dyno it will reset the database. We don't have a way of externalizing it at the moment. You cannot easily make modifications to the code because it pulls directly from this repo, and therefor you cannot easily change any config options. Heorku is good if you have absolutely no coding expereince at all and just want to see it in action. Otherwise, your better off installing and running the bot on Ubuntu

After deploying it and it says deployed click on Manage App Button

Now click Resources tab

Click on the Edit Icon and turn on the worker and save

Click on more and view logs to make everything is fine

BOOM! free hosting

In Depth guide to running on Windows / linux

Please look here for a detailed guide to running on windows 10 / linux. The other guides in this readme also work, but this is more step-by-step. Click here for the google docs link

How to run the bot on Linux/MacOS

  1. change src/ to src/ and update the values to your acccount and app values

  2. run

How to run the bot with docker

  1. Install docker

  2. Update the environment variables below with your account info

  3. Paste the whole command below into your terminal

git clone &&\
cd reddit-karma-farming-bot &&\
docker build -t=com.mrpowerscripts/mrps/reddit-karma-bot . &&\
docker run -it \
  -e REDDIT_CLIENT_ID="MyCoolAppClientID" \
  -e REDDIT_SECRET="MyCoolAppSecret" \
  -e REDDIT_USERNAME="MyCoolUserName" \
  -e REDDIT_PASSWORD="MyPasswordForTheUsername" \
  -e REDDIT_USER_AGENT="script by /u/" \
  --mount src="$(pwd)/src",target=/reddit-karma-bot-run,type=bind \
  • When the docker container is running you can start the bot by browsing to The default username pass is admin/pass. It will give you an SSL warning because the CA is self-signed. Just click whatever button allowys you to pass through the warning.
  • The bot will store all of the stuff in learns in a folder within your home path (~) called reddit-karma-bot.
  • The bot will wait until it has 50MB worth of material learned before it will start commenting. This can take a while. The logs on the browser will tell you everything that is happening. There will also be a info.log in the reddit-karma-bot folder.

You can provide also a proxy server for the docker container to connect through