Jira Sprint Scope Slack Alerts

by msolomonTMG

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Jira Sprint Scope Creep Notifications in Slack

Get notified in a Slack channel when an issue is added to a Sprint

Steps to Install

1. Setup an Incoming Webhook for your Slack channel

a. Go to your Incoming Webhooks Configuration page in Slack: https://YOUR-SLACK-DOMAIN.slack.com/apps/A0F7XDUAZ-incoming-webhooks?page=1 (you need administrator rights in your Slack workspace to go here)
b. Click "Add Configuration"
c. Select the channel where you would like to receive Slack Notifications
d. Copy the Webhook URL generated by Slack (you'll need this later)
e. Customize the name and icon of the integration to your heart's content :)

2. Setup the Heroku App

a. Sign up for Heroku if you are not already registered with them (it's free)
b. Use this button to create a new app
d. Name your app
e. Paste the Slack Webhook URL into the SLACK_URL field that pops up

3. Setup a Webhook in your Jira instance

a. Go to https://YOUR-JIRA-DOMAIN.atlassian.net/plugins/servlet/webhooks (you need administrator rights in your Jira instance to go here)
b. Click "Create a Webhook" in the upper right hand corner
c. Provide whatever name or description you'd like
d. Set the URL to: https://YOUR-HEROKU-APP-NAME.herokuapp.com/jira-issue-added-to-sprint
e. Check off "Updated" under the Issue column in the "Issue Related Events" section
f. Save the webhook

Congratulations! Issues that get added to an active sprint will now send a Slack notification to the room you configured. Happy sprinting :)