API.AI Tropo integration

by mtourne

GitHub Readme.md


Deploy to Heroku

This is a fork of the 'one-click integration' that api.ai offers.

This will let you intiate conversation, And leverage api.ai at the same time.

Here is a simple process to do that :

  1. create a trigger intent in api.ai (a literal one with the @ in front) for instance @question_demo

  2. deploy this on heroku, and once done set it up as the webApi endpoint inside your tropo application GUI. for instance: https://sore-heron.herokuapp.com/sms

    (don't forget the /sms, that's the endpoint the bot listens on)

  3. use the Tropo Rest API to send a trigger that will in turn call this WebApi (essentially when called via Rest, Tropo calls your Api endpoint to figure out what to do)

    example :

        $ curl 'http://api.tropo.com/1.0/sessions?token=<TROPO_APP_TOKEN>&start_conversation=true&send_to=<PHONE_NUMBER>&message=question_demo'

    question_demo will in turn be passed to api.ai and with the response, Tropo still waiting for what to do will be told to send a message with the text to <PHONE_NUMBER>