Salesforce Federated Search

by muenzpraeger



This example application showcases how to incorporate a REST service like IBM Watson Discovery Service with Salesforce Federated Search.


For running the app on your own you'll need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Access to a Salesforce org, i. e. a Developer Edition (You can signup here for free if you don't have one).
  • An IBM Bluemix account with IBM Watson Disovery Service.


Set up an example IBM Watson Discovery Service

Follow the IBM instructions 1-4 as described here.

Deploy the app to Heroku

The easiest way to test the application on your own is deploying it to Heroku via the Deploy button.


After the deployment you have to enter the configuration values for the app as following:

  • WATSON_USERNAME - enter the Watson service username
  • WATSON_PASSWORD - enter the Watson service password
  • ENVIRONMENT_ID - enter the environment id of your Discovery service
  • COLLECTION_ID - enter the collection id of your Discovery service

Wait till the node.js server has started.

You can test if your implementation was successful by opening this URL in your browser:

Enabled Federated Search

Follow the instructions (section "Setting up federated search") in this blog post. Replace the OpenSearch Description URL with this URL.


For licensing see the included license file.