Salesforce and Google Hangouts

by muenzpraeger



This repo showcases how to send a webhook to a Google Hangouts Chat room using Apex and Process Builder.

Read more about it in this blog post.

And don't forget to check out the other repos:


You need to have an active G Suite organization (sign-up here as a Salesforce customer if you don't have one).

The Chat documentation explains in detail how to setup Hangouts Chat bots.

Deploy to Heroku

Deploy the app to Heroku using the deploy button.


  • SALESFORCE_CONSUMER_KEY - enter the Connected App consumer key
  • SALESFORCE_CONSUMER_SECRET - enter the Connected App consumer secret
  • SALESFORCE_USERNAME - enter the name of the Salesforce integration user
  • SALESFORCE_PASSWORD - enter the password of the Salesforce integration user
  • GOOGLE_CHAT_TOKEN - enter the Google Hangouts Chat token


For licensing see the included license file.