Hexa Installer

by myhexa

GitHub Readme.md

The Hexa auto-installer makes it super easy to install Flarum on any host.
(You can find the current project tasks here)


  • Easy to use interface - Simply fill in some fields and hit install
  • Mobile Friendly - Installing on mobile? The installer works perfectly on any device
  • Lightning Fast - Once you click install, your forum is ready in less than 1 minute!


HTTPS Support

This software can be used on both http and https sites. This will soon change, however. Google is now showing insecure warnings on http sites, which means https will become the new standard. The Hexa auto-installer will soon install Flarum at the https version instead of http. This will be able to be changed still, but won't be default for new sites.


(Please note this while enabling extensions. Without doing this, your site will break.)

Once installed, go to the file "config.php". Find the debug section and change "false" to "true". Now, save the file. Go into your dashboard and enable all extensions you would like enabled. Once done, revert changes to "config.php". Repeat these steps if you need to enable other extensions.

Installer Support

If you run into any issues while installing or using the software, please create a new topic here. (DISCLAMIER: Flarum will not provide any extent of support for this piece of software.)

Upgrading Flarum

Currently, we do not offer a way to upgrade Flarum and it's dependencies. We will be releasing updates to the installer however (via GitHub), that will provide secuirty and bug fixes.


(C) 2018 Hexa Inc, All Rights Reserved. This code was released under the GNU General Public License v3.