NB Twitter bot

by namila007

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NB-Twitter Bot

nb bot

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A twitter bot made by nodejs, using twitter api

Run the code

  1. Create a twitter account and create a Twitter app
  2. Clone the git
  3. make .env file and copy .env.example and add the relevant keys from twitter app. Twitter userIDs can be obtain from 3rd party site
  4. run npm install
  5. If you want to add more users change var users = [ config.userid ] in streaming.js file and add user ids to monitor. example: var users = [ 'XXXXX' , 'YYYYYY']
  6. run npm start


User can deploy this to heroku. Create Config Vars for each in .env file and deploy or simply press DEPLOY button. in .env files you cant add arrays.so need to add ids in the code