Favart Backend

by naturaln0va

GitHub Readme.md

FavArt API

A backend for a FileProviderExtension iOS app. This was created to power a sample project app for RayWenderlich.


Run locally

In a shell in the root of this project, simply run go run main.go


  • GET /media?path={directory} - Returns all the assets in a given directory
  • POST /media - Create directories to resolve a path
  • PUT /media - Rename a directory at a given path
  • DELETE /media - Delete a directory to resolve a path
  • GET /file?path={path}&id={file_id} - Returns the asset for the given id
  • POST /file - Upload a new asset to a directory
  • PUT /file?path={path}&id={file} - Updates an asset at a path by a given id
  • DELETE /file?path={path}&id={file} - Remove an asset at a path by a given id