Neo4j Alexa Skills App

by neo4j-contrib



Amazon Echo Alexa Skills for querying Neo4j


Complete tutorial

Very quick start

Link to quickstart tutorial

Run locally

# install php7 locally in one line :
curl -s | bash -s 7.1

# install composer dependency manager
sudo mv composer.phar /usr/bin/composer

# install project dependencies
composer install

# run the stack
docker-compose up


This is the Skill-APP URL to configure:

Skills: see also skills.json

"Computer, ask Cypher ..."

  • nodeCount: "Count {nodeLabel} nodes"
  • findBetween: "Who is between {first} and {second} in {database}"
  • neighbours: "What is {type} node {name} in {database}"

Database Prep

For instance create an alexa:alexa user on sandbox databases and use them.

Also run this procedure call (on the labels + properties in your database).

call apoc.index.addAllNodes('search',{Person:['name'],Organization:['name']})


You configure databases to select from via heroku config

the _name suffix is used to select the database to search in.

heroku config:set NEO4J_URL_community=http://alexa:alexa@x.x.x.x:7474
heroku config:set NEO4J_URL_movies=http://alexa:alexa@x.x.x.x:33296
heroku config:set NEO4J_URL_panamapapers=http://alexa:alexa@x.x.x.x:33568
heroku config:set NEO4J_URL_trumpworld=http://alexa:alexa@x.x.x.x:32874