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Habitica extension to send and receive messages from a Habitica Group Chat to a Slack Channel.



Slack Integrations

As well as a Slack channel and a Habitica account, you need to set up custom integrations in Slack:

  1. Outgoing WebHook in Slack to forward messages to Habitica
  2. Incoming WebHook in Slack to received messages from Habitica

Outgoing WebHook Settings

  1. Channel: <your-slack-channel> e.g. #Habitica
  2. URL: <heroku-app-url>/sync_message_to_habitica e.g. https://myapp.herokuapp.test/sync_message_to_habitica

Incoming WebHook Settings

  1. Post to Channel: <your-slack-channel> e.g. #Habitica

Setup Habitica WebHook

  1. Visit <heroku-app-url>/setup_habitica_webhook to setup the Habitica webhook

Heroku Configuration (optional if Habitica WebHook above is not working)

Not everything in the Heroku setup can be automated with the Deploy button. You will need to add the command for the scheduler manually.

  1. Browse to https://scheduler.heroku.com/dashboard
  2. Add a new job as follows
    1. Command: python manage.py sync_messages_to_slack
    2. Dyno size: Free
    3. Frequency: Every 10 minutes