Screenshot Bot

by Nithin241


ScreenShot Bot

Telegram Bot For Screenshot Generation.


An attempt to implement the screenshot generation of telegram files without downloading the entire file. Live version can be found here @ScreenShot Bot.

Screenshot Generation with Custom Watermark---Sample Video Generation---Trim video.

Installation Guide

You can also tap the Deploy To Heroku button below to deploy straight to Heroku!


Watch our YouTube video for more details - Telegram Screenshot | Trim | Sample Video Generator Bot


  • FFmpeg.
  • Python3 (3.6 or higher).

Local setup

  • Clone to local machine.
$ git clone
$ cd animated-lamp
  • Create and activate virtual environment.
$ pip3 install virtualenv
$ virtualenv venv
$ source venv/bin/activate
  • Install dependencies.
$ pip3 install -U -r requirements.txt

Environment Variables

Properly setup the environment variables or populate with the values (some of the values are sensitive data, so keep them safe).

  • API_ID(required) - Get your telegram API_ID from
  • API_HASH(required) - Get your telegram API_HASH from
  • BOT_TOKEN(required) - Obtain your bot token from Bot Father.
  • SESSION_NAME(required) - Name you want to call your bot's session, Eg: bot username.
  • LOG_CHANNEL(required) - Log channel's id.
  • DATABASE_URL(required) - Mongodb database URI.
  • AUTH_USERS(required) - Authorised user(s) id separated by space.
  • HOST(required) - Public URL of streaming service (Source).
  • MAX_PROCESSES_PER_USER(optional) - Number of parallel processes each user can have, defaults to 2.
  • MAX_TRIM_DURATION(optional) - Maximum allowed seconds for trimming. Defaults to 600.
  • TRACK_CHANNEL(optional) - User activity tracking channel's id. Only needed if you want to track and block any user. Disabled by default.
  • SLOW_SPEED_DELAY(optional) - Delay required between each request. Defaults to 15s.

Run bot

$ python3 -m bot

Now go to your bot and do a /start.

Supported commands and functions


  • /start - Command to start bot or check whether bot is alive.

  • /settings - Command to configure bot's behavior'

  • /set_watermark - Command to add custom watermark text to screenshots. Usage: /set_watermark watermark_text.

  • /status - Admin/Auth users only command. Returns number of total users.

  • /ban_user - Admin/Auth users only command. Command to ban any user. Usage: /ban_user user_id ban_duration ban_reason. user_id - telegram id of the user, ban_duration - ban duration in days, ban_reason - reason for ban. All 3 parameters are required.

  • /unban_user - Admin/Auth users only command. Command to ban any banned user. Usage: /unban_user user_id. user_id - telegram id of the user. The parameter is required.

  • /banned_users - Admin/Auth users only command. Command to view all banned users. Usage: /banned_users. This takes no parameters.


  • Screenshot Generation - Generates screenshots from telegram video files or streaming links. Number of screenshots range from 2-10.
  • Sample Video Generation - Generates sample video from telegram video files or streaming links. Video duration range from 30s to 150s. Configurable in /settings.
  • Video Trimming - Trims any telegram video files or streaming links. Video duration depends on the environment. By default upto 10 mins (600s).


In bot settings.

  • Upload Mode - Screenshot upload mode. Either as image file or as document file. Defaults to as image file.
  • Watermark - Watermark text to be embedded to screenshots. Texts upto 30 characters supported. Disabled by default.
  • Watermark Color - Font color to be used for watermark. Any of white, black, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, brown, gold, silver, pink. Defaults to white.
  • Watermark Font Size - Font size to be used for watermarks. Any of small(30), medium(40), large(50). Defaults to medium.
  • Sample Video Duration - Sample video's duration. Any of 30s, 60s, 90s, 120s, 150s. Defaults to 30s.
  • Screenshot Genetation Mode - Either random or equally spaced. Defaults to equally spaced.


Contributions are welcome.


You can contact me @InFoTelGroup.


Thanks to @odysseusmax for his animated-lamp Bot.

Thanks to Dan for his Pyrogram library.

Thanks to Tulir Asokan for his TgFileStream Bot.


Code released under The GNU General Public License.