by Nitin221



A modular Telegram Python bot running on python3 with an sqlalchemy database. Kanged Unofficial fork of Haruka.


I will be not responsible If u got gbanned because of violating the gpl So that's why I'm suggesting u to use official repo. fell free to give gban to noob gpl volunteer id 636314540 .


Deploy to Heroku

Thanks to

  • Skittle - for memes and sticker stuff from (skittbot).
  • 1mavarick1 - gmutes, welcomemutes etc.
  • Mryacha - Connection and feds from (Yanabot)
  • AyraHikari - weather, Backup and cleanbluetext etc. (Emilia)
  • Paul Larsen - (marie) creator
  • FFBot - for translations functions
  • Saitama - kanged and leeched from Saitama evel. antispam And much more that we couldn't list it here!