Discord Twitter Bot

by NNTin

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Posts Twitter Tweets to Discord through Webhook

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This is a powerful twitter bot for discord. It allows you to follow up to 5000 Twitter users, track 400 words and 25 location boxes posting the content to as many Discord channels as you want. Furthermore you can customize which tweets to show.

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Installation can be quick and easy through Heroku (one-click deployment, see video). A multi-architecture Docker image is also provided for the Docker people.

Installations have been written for:


If you are using Heroku you already have a running bot. However it only supports a single Twitter feed.
The configuration page gives you an insight how to configure your bot.

The configuration is written very extensively explaining what each variable does. There are 2 ways to configure the bot. Either through config.yml or through the use of environment variables.

See it in action

Visit my server to see live twitter feeds. There I am mirroring the tweets of