Swift Compiler Discord Bot

by norio-nomura

GitHub Readme.md

Swift Compiler Discordapp Bot

Written in Swift.
Inspired by swift-compiler-discord-bot.

How to use

Set Up Bot Account

Creating a discord bot & getting a token

Required Permissions

  • CHANGE_NICKNAME for update nickname
  • READ_MESSAGE_HISTORY and VIEW_CHANNEL for update replies on updating request from user

Test on local host

export DISCORD_TOKEN="<discord token here>" # set discord token
export DOCKER_IMAGE=norionomura/swift:5.0 # select docker image
docker-compose up

Deploy to Heroku


git clone https://github.com/norio-nomura/SwiftCompilerDiscordappBot.git
cd SwiftCompilerDiscordappBot
heroku container:login
heroku create
heroku config:set DISCORD_TOKEN="<discord token here>"
heroku container:push worker --arg DOCKER_IMAGE=norionomura/swift:5.0

Configure Dyno on your Heroku Dashboard


Norio Nomura


Swift Compiler Discordapp Bot is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.