by Normally

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> A quick and easy Slackbot using Google Sheets. No programming needed.


To use this slackbot you need a Slack, Heroku and Google Docs account.

  1. Add a bot configuration on Slack.

  2. Copy this spreadsheet to your google docs and make it public File > Publish to the web... > Publish

  3. Deploy
    enter the bot API token and the Google Sheet URL.

Once installed, send a direct message to your new bot from within Slack. IMPORTANT: If you wish, you can keep your bot alive by upgrading to Heroku Hobby otherwise it will sleep for 6 hours a day.


hears can be multiline. If the bot hears any of these phrases it will say a random line from the says cell. Case and punctuation are ignored.

When conversation is set to TRUE will expect an answer. Control which row the conversation moves to in the yes, no and other cells.

Words and phrases can be extracted from the conversation using (.*) in hears and repeated with $ in says


Just type reload in your Slack chat and the bot will reload the changes from the spreadsheet.


Written by Nic Mulvaney at Normally using Botkit and Node Google Spreadsheet