by NYCPlanning


api-geosupport CircleCI

flask api for geosupport python bindings

Try it now!

Fire up an geosupport api on Heroku with a single click:

Deploy to Heroku


  1. Using Docker: if you like to specify your own port:

    docker run -d -e PORT={YOUR_PORT} -p {YOUR_PORT}:{YOUR_PORT} sptkl/api-geosupport:latest

    if no port specified, by default, the flask app will run on 5000:

    docker run -d -p 5000:5000 sptkl/api-geosupport:latest
  2. Examples:

    • Geocode using borough:
    • Goecode using zipcode:
    • Get address suggestions with minimal input: Gold
  3. Notes:

    • All Geosupport functions and parameters are supported.
  4. Next Steps:

    • write tests
    • figure out a better way to structure code